About us

Smart IT Systems is a Belgian company founded in 1995 to offer sustainable solutions to its customers. Over the years we have built up extensive insight and experience within the pharmaceutical sector in the fields of CRM, mobile applications, e-commerce applications and back office integration. Meanwhile, our team has grown into a powerful mix of young and dynamic personnel on the one hand and experienced and passionate people on the other.


Investing in a CRM application or e-commerce website is an essential element for all companies, large and small. Choosing Smart IT means you will have an experienced and stable partner who will ensure integration from beginning to end. Our applications are stable and have a proven track record of reliability with many customers, which has led to an optimal user experience.


Smart IT staff are always ready to assist customers or colleagues and to share their skills and experience. As a result, we are known as a company that has the staying power to reach our customers' goals.


We aim to be a long-term partner for our customers to help them transform and improve their businesses and to support them through optimal use of technology. By utilizing the full potential of the latest technology, Smart IT provides excellent advice and support to keep their clients’ sales and marketing processes up to date with all their new needs and requirements.


Flexibility is one of our core values. Our aim remains unaltered - improving your operational processes - but the methods used are always changing. We are ready to make your particular requirements a reality!


Our trump cards

    We have extensive expertise in sales and marketing processes in the pharmaceutical sector, particularly in the OTC segment
    We are market leaders through our PharmInTouch e-commerce portal for pharmacies
    Through its modular structure our MobiRep application for sales representatives offers a wide range of features
    We pride ourselves on our flexible and firmly customer-oriented staff
    We are a healthy company with a solid financial basis and we continually invest in our customers and staff