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Advanced software solutions for mobile devices, particularly suited to your digital strategy. A mobile application such as MobiRep allows staff to access specific business data on their tablet or other mobile device. This enables them to efficiently access business data, enter orders or reservations, plan and consult, access sensitive information, check on stock and much more...

Smart IT has been known since 1995 for developing innovative and mobile advanced software solutions for pharmaceutical sales representatives. All our mobile applications are developed for familiar platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS.
Together, we will look at the goals you wish to reach with your mobile application and decide on a strategic approach. It could be a simple application, or one that uses the various functionalities of smart phones or tablets, such as the camera or GPS receiver.


MobiRep is an established concept in the world of pharmaceutical CRM / SFA packages. It is the chosen application, enabling staff to manage and synchronise their data simply and efficiently. At any moment, a MobiRep user has access to customer information, orders, history, pricing data and objectives. This is, in short, a complete solution ensuring seamless communication. And it is not just representatives on a customer site who enjoy this structured application; MobiRep is also used by office staff and management. MobiRep gives them a global and direct insight into the recorded data, such as invoices, comments, planning, stock inventories, reports etc.


MobiRep has a modular structure and allows for adaptation to suit the customer's requirements. We will build or activate specific functionalities, seamlessly integrated into the basic software.
Our customers can start with a set of modules as follows:

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