Tailor-made e-commerce

We are regularly engaged to develop web applications for companies and we are also the founders of the PharmInTouch e-commerce platform.

A web application is able to support and render more efficient a number of operational processes and plays an important role, whether the processes are financial, administrative, commercial or logistical. A solid base of programming expertise, experience of complicated processes and strong analytical powers mean that Smart IT is an excellent choice of partner to have on your side.
We create and maintain tailor-made e-commerce websites or web applications, supporting the methods and processes used in your company.
The basis of each project is a thorough analysis by a professional team. In consultation with our clients, we discuss the various aspects of the web application in order to reach the clients’ required functionality as efficiently as possible
Close follow-up
During the building stage of the web project we keep in close contact with you, so that we can take into account any necessary adaptations or new requirements.


Interested? Please arrange an appointment where we can discuss how we can help you.