Custom-made business intelligence software

Making available and allowing quick access to sales results and other business data in a structured way is a complicated and challenging task.

Each company uses different business intelligence software and has its own way of dealing with business data and specific KPIs or reports.
We will discuss your specific requirements and then propose solutions, including business intelligence software and mobile access to business data on smart phones and tablets.


The process defining the use of Business Intelligence software consists of five steps in order to make an organisation work smarter. We start by registering the correct data in the correct way, and by defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Then the information will be collected from various sources, it will be transformed, combined and stored in a database (or data warehouse).

Work smarter

Using Business Intelligence software, Smart IT helps companies to function at a higher performance level and provides managers with the tools for smarter management based on predefined KPIs. This facilitates smoother cooperation within organisations in order to fulfil the business and personal goals.

Project Management

In addition, we offer project management for all these trajectories, should the customer wish us to do so.